About Sophienwald

Sophienwald®, in its current form, was established in 2014. The company’s headquarters are located in Altnagelberg, Austria on the grounds of the former “Stölzle Kristall” glass factory, which had employed up to 1200 people until finally closing in 2008. Sophienwald® has access to the remaining facilities and is authorized to use all old buildings, moulds, designs, existing glasses and archives of the former glass factory, which has been influential to our stemware design.

The region surrounding Altnagelberg, which was part of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, was known for centuries for its production of extravagant handblown glassware, but most manufacturers in the area closed down after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918, and most of the remaining companies ceased to exist after the end of the Second World War. In order to honor the tremendous amount of history of hand-made glass production in the area, Sophienwald® is are currently working on reopening parts of former working buildings from the Stölzle Kristall factory as a glass museum which will be open to the public.

Our trademarked company name, Sophienwald®, is in memoriam to an old glass factory that carried the same name which was established in 1725. Back in the day, the former Sophienwald company, which was located in the surrounding area of today’s headquarters, was famous for its glassware tradition. We fell in love with the name, the heritage and the quality that the name stood for. Today’s Sophienwald® is an homage to bringing back this tradition and level of quality for all wine lovers to experience the difference a quality, handmade glass can make.

The modern day Sophienwald company has named their glass collection the Phoenix collection – referring to the Sophienwald tradition rising from the ashes so that wine connoisseurs from around the world can experience the difference in taste a hand-blown Sophienwald glass can make.